Makes ordering easy and saves time
Saves you money
Creates a strong consistent brand identity
What makes it EASY and a TIME SAVER?
Very easy interface: Once you enter your user name and password you're shown the products menu with visual product shots and information on each product you can't go wrong.
The products are personally tailored to an individual user eg. if a Brisbane branch user logs in only Brisbane products will show up.
It remembers previously ordered personal job details such as business card names and contacts. No more retyping details over and over.
It retains a history of all previous orders and their current status eg. order received, in progress and completed.
How will you SAVE MONEY?
Avoid costly reprints due to inaccurate data and
illegible handwriting.
We all know that printing in bulk is the best way to reduce printing costs but you also require storage space and someone to stocktake, package and
courier to other departments or offices.
Talbot Press can store preprinted online
products inhouse and when inidvidual
orders are placed pack and send out.
The website has a built in stocktaking
program which alerts us when a product
is running low and in turn we inform
you when a product requires replenishing.
How will it help your BRANDING?
By keeping all your printed products together on one website it's easier to monitor your overall corporate identity. It's a lot easier mantaining quality and consistency with print also.
Forgotten your password?
Simply call and let us know and we'll re-issue another via email. It's an automated password that only you know.
Problems? If you need any help using the site or notice a problem when ordering please give us a call, we're happy to help. We want this system to be easy to use so would love to hear any feedback.
If your interested in being shown through an active online ordering system give us a call.
online ordering